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  • What type of pets do you see?
    Dr. Brown is a small animal veterinarian that sees dogs and cats.
  • Do you travel to my area?
    We currently serve most of the San Diego area. Our main service area is within 20 miles of Felicita Park in Escondido, but we also do accept appointments in our extended service area up to 40 miles from home (contact us directly if you would like to know if we can travel to your location).
  • You come to my house- isn’t that expensive?
    Actually, you’ll likely be surprised at how affordable mobile care can be! Our exam and travel fees are by nature higher than traditional clinics due to travel time and extra time devoted to each pet, but our other services are typically very comparable to other local clinics. Click here to visit our pricing page.
  • My pet has been aggressive or behaved badly at a vet visit in the past. Can you see us?
    Many pets that do not behave well in a clinic do great in a less stressful environment. Safety for everyone, including your pet, is always the utmost priority. We can still see most of these pets, but will contact you ahead of time to discuss the best way to work with your pet.
  • My pet is sick and I’m not sure if it’s an emergency or if I can schedule an appointment. What should I do?
    We do see urgent care appointments and can often accommodate a sick pet for a same day visit. However, the following types of emergencies are beyond the scope of a mobile practice and you should call an emergency hospital immediately: Difficulty breathing Collapse or inability to walk More than one seizure or a seizure that is not stopping Inability to pass urine (most common in male cats and dogs) Severe trauma (hit by car, fall from a height, severe bite wounds from another animal) Snake bites Ingestion or a toxic substance or foreign object Uncontrollable bleeding If you are not sure, you can call us to discuss (619-304-0461), but if we do not immediately answer please call one of the emergency facilities on our contact page.
  • Who should use a mobile vet?
    Busy professionals that don’t have time to go to the vet People with children that do not want to drag the whole family to the clinic for a visit Pet owners with either limited physical mobility or transportation limitations Pets that get anxious or sick in the car Pets that become overwhelmed or aggressive at a clinic Pet owners with multiple pets Anyone who wants a one on one, personally tailored medical plan for their pet!
  • Can I get medications for my pet from you?
    Since we do urgent care, we carry a stock of common medications we may need for sick pets including pain medication, antibiotics, anti-nausea/diarrhea medication, eye/ear medication, etc. For long-term prescription medication, heartworm/flea/tick preventatives, and prescription food, please use the link to our online pharmacy to order and request refills. This pharmacy provides safety and storage guarantees, so we prefer to have you fill medications here rather than places like Chewy, 1-800 Pet Meds, etc. They provide us weekly promotion codes to keep these medications affordable for you while ensuring quality products for your pet. Online Pharmacy
  • I have more questions, how can I get in touch?
    Click here to schedule an appointment or click here to view our hours and ways to contact us.


"We just had an amazing mobile pet visit from Dr Julie Brown! Our big Maine Coon cat is not friendly to people she doesn’t know. She also doesn’t like to be picked up. Feisty! She had knots in her fur, on stomach and back legs. Dr Julie sedated her and we were able to remove knots and take blood and urine tests.


Doc was so kind and patient with our angry pet! We confidently and highly recommend her, especially for pets nearly impossible to get to the vet office! Doc was great! She called this morning to check on our cat…who now acts like nothing ever happened. We will definitely call her again to care for our pets!"

-Dana R.

San Diego Mobile Vet
San Diego Mobile Vet
San Diego Mobile Vet
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