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San Diego Mobile Vet

In-Home Veterinary Care Serving the San Diego Area

Bringing cutting edge medicine, a personalized plan, and compassionate care to you and your pets- all in the convenience of your home!

Hey fellow pet lovers! You’ve come to the right place. I bet your dog or cat is currently lounging on the couch next to you, oblivious to the fact that you’re Googling “mobile vet near me”. While you know visiting the vet office isn’t always a fun day for them, you know it’s necessary for a long and healthy life, and you’d do anything to make that happen! But what if there was another way? If you’ve ever

  • Felt like your pet was scared or anxious at the vet

  • Had a pet that gets carsick 

  • Wished that you had more one on one time to talk to your vet about your pet’s care

  • Felt frustrated that there were no available appointments when your pet was sick

  • Seemed to be seeing a different doctor at each visit and felt like you were starting from scratch

  • Had to wait for hours at an emergency clinic or urgent care when your pet was sick, or had to drop them off and wait for answers

Then mobile veterinary services are likely a great fit for you! We can offer many of the same services that a traditional clinic does, and pets tend to thrive with this type of care since they don’t have to come to a place with lots of new smells and sounds that can be scary or overwhelming.

San Diego Mobile Vet
Our “Why”

Dr. Brown started SoCal Mobile Veterinary Care because she truly enjoys working with pets and their owners, and wanted to be able to foster a more personal relationship with all of her clients and patients. The veterinary industry is currently in turmoil. Large corporations are steadily buying up practices, from small clinics to large specialty hospitals. These corporations are run by people that are not veterinarians and who do not understand veterinary care, and the sole focus has become making more and more profit. The mentality has shifted to “see more patients and make more money in less time”, leaving veterinarians and staff burnt out, emotionally and physically depleted, and unable to properly care for their patients. Pet owners like you are frustrated by constantly changing staff, inconsistent medical care, and ever-rising costs. Our goal is to return to the veterinarian-owned, relationship-focused model of care, where your doctor is familiar with you and your pet and makes medical decisions with their best interest at heart and NOT to meet a quota. Our promise to you is that we will make sure that each visit has value to you and your pet. We will always advocate for the best care for your pet, but will never make recommendations that are unnecessary or that we would not recommend for our own pets.  If that sounds like it would be a good fit- let’s talk!

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