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Home veterinary care in the San Diego area:

Let us make it easy, whether it’s an annual check up or an urgent health care need.

San Diego Mobile Vet

Here’s an overview of our appointment types:

Please note we are not currently offering new consults via video chat, as it is illegal for us to provide medical advice or recommendations without a true physical exam.

Wellness/General Exam $95

Head to tail exam of all body systems, with individualized recommendations for your pet. Wellness exams should be performed on a yearly basis for all cats and dogs. This type of exam is also appropriate for a pet that is exhibiting minor signs of illness, but is not urgently ill. This may include things like itchy skin or ears, minor limping, diarrhea in a pet that is eating/drinking normally, mild coughing/sneezing, etc. We will attempt to get these types of visits scheduled as soon as possible, but may not be able to accommodate same day appointments for these type of illnesses.

Urgent Care Exam (SAME DAY BOOKING) $135

This type of exam is appropriate for a pet that is exhibiting moderate signs of illness that if not attended to quickly could progress to serious illness. This may include things like vomiting, anorexia, squinting or discharge from the eyes, acute/severe sneezing/coughing, severe lameness, significant pain, urinary abnormalities, insect bites/stings, wounds (bite wounds, lacerations, abscesses), single seizure, etc . These appointments will be given priority and scheduled the same day. Please call 619-304-0461 to set up an appointment. 

Recheck Exam $75 

This will be charged for rechecks for the same problem scheduled within 1 month of the initial sick pet visit. New problems/illnesses/injuries cannot be scheduled as recheck exams.

Additional Pet Exam $75

If we are seeing more than one pet during wellness visits, each additional pet will have a reduced exam fee of $75. You will only be charged one travel fee per household for each visit. Additional pets can only be scheduled with wellness appointments (not sick/urgent care exams) unless approved by Dr. Brown ahead of time. You will need to indicate that you have multiple pets that need to be seen on your appointment request so we can block off an appropriate amount of time on our schedule.


  • Home Base: Felicita Park (742 Clarence Lane, Escondido, CA 92029)

  • <5 miles from home base: $75

  • 5-10 miles from home base: $85

  • 10-15 miles from home base: $95

  • 15-20 miles from home base: $105

  • 20-25 miles from home base: 115

  • >25 miles from home base is considered extended service area

    • 25-30 miles from home base: $150

    • 30-40 miles from home base: $200

  • We are currently not taking appointments greater than 40 miles from home base

San Diego Mobile Vet
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